Dojo Rules


1. Students will bow upon entering and leaving the dojo, and will not leave the dojo floor without first receiving permission from the Sensei in charge. When unavoidably late, or returning to class, the student will enter, bow, move sideways away from the door, kneel, and wait for the Sensei's instructions.

2. Students will behave as gentlemen and as ladies, at all times, inside and outside the dojo.

3. No student will provoke violence, inside or outside the dojo, or allow himself to be provoked into violence, under pain of expulsion from the art of karate for life.

4. Higher belts will aid lower belts in their training. Lower belts will follow the instruction of the higher belts in the dojo.

5. No alcohol will be taken before class. Consuming candy, gum and any other food or drink are also forbidden during class.

6. There will be no sparring without appropriate safety gear, and the express permission of the Sensei. Also, students must ask to use any equipment in the dojo.

7. Students will maintain a serious attitude in the dojo at all times: no profanity or loud talking will be tolerated.


9. Students must comply with the dojo health rules. Personal cleanliness is essential; also, uniforms MUST BE CLEAN AND PRESSED. Fingernails and toenails must be clipped at all times.

10. Students will attend at least one class weekly at a time designated for their instruction. Any student who is absent from their instruction for a period of over one month, without the understanding of the sensei, can be expelled from the school, without notice.

11. No rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry may be worn during class.

12. Under no circumstances will any student, from white belt to brown belt, teach the art of karate to any person, or persons, without the permission and sanction of their Sensei. Any student who does so teach, can and WILL BE DEGRADED TO THE RANK OF WHITE BELT.


14. Lower belts must keep the dojo clean, (by dusting or mopping the floor, moving out unused equipment). It is up to the higher belts to make sure this rule is enforced.